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Some tips on Sageo from Makiko Tada
  • You can use any braids for Sageo.
  • Most people like to use flat braids.
  • Here are several braids that are good for Sageo and that can be made on the marudai, they can be found in Makiko's book, Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I: Maru-dai Braids.
    • for beginners, Hiranami-Yatsu (#20) or Yatsu-se (#12) (240 g bobbin x 8)
    • for experienced braiders, Hira-Kara (#27) (100 g bobbin x 12 or 16) or Rikyu (#33) (100 g bobbin x 12)
    • for advanced braiders, Sasanami (#101) (100 g bobbin x 24) or Kara kumi (#104) (100 g bobbin x 32)

    Makiko has kindly sent instructions for a braid called Shigeuchi, which makes a very nice Sageo. The top instructions are for the marudai and the bottom instructions are for the takadai. Print these out and then go to her website to see photos of the moves.

    For many photos of Sageo, click here.

    Tama Slipping?

    If the leaders on your tama are slipping use sand paper to rough up just that area where the leader is attached to the tama.

Honoring Kumihimo Tradition

The information offered here concerning braiders rights to their original patterns is from a discussion on Kumihimo Braiders International (KBI), a Facebook group. It is information that anyone who is reproducing braids should be aware of.

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