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Two Workshops with Makiko Tada - March 10 - 15, 2009

Click here to see Makiko's latest braids made on the plate, she calls them wriggle!

Makiko Tada is a researcher, designer, author and maker of kumihimo. She has a Doctor of Engineering from Kyoto Institute of Technology where she is a professor, she is also a lecturer at Nihon Women's University and Yamano College of Aesthetics.

Makiko is a very popular teacher, having taught at numerous conferences and guilds in the United States. She is coming from Japan to teach two three day workshops here in Coupeville Washington.

The classes are open to beginners through advanced students.

Workshop 1 - March 10, 11, 12

Kumihimo on the Disk and Plate - Learn to make Kumihimo braids using a Kumihimo disk and plate. This is a very easy way to understand Kumihimo as produced on the Marudai. With thick yarn, participants will make several samples of round, square and the flat zigzag braid. These techniques may be used to create unique belts and edges for textiles and accessories, students will make a flower brooch.

  • Materials to bring for the Disk and Plate braids; scissors, measuring tape, a disk and a plate, thick and thin yarns, ribbon or other materials.

    Ribbon Kumihimo Scarf - Using free-form techniques of braiding with half-translucent ribbon, create a unique Kumihimo scarf. Since this technique allows any width to be woven, lovely unique sashes and ties, as well as shawls, may be produced.

  • Materials for the Scarf; heavy duty corrugated cardboard 12” x 16” (foam core or a Macrame project board near that size would be good too), 33 yards of 1/2 or 5/8 inch organza ribbon, 2 bulldog clips 2 inches wide, 30 dress pins. Organza ribbon can be found at JoAnn’s or on-line at B.B. Crafts, Trendypack and Dunwoody Booth Packaging.

    Workshop 2 - March 13, 14, 15

    Three Days with your Kumihimo Stand! Bring your marudai, takadai, karakumidai or kakudai and work on the technique of your choice. You may contact Makiko beforehand so that you can discuss what warp to bring. If you are new to braiding on kumihimo stands contact BraidersHand to borrow a marudai. There are a limited number of takadai and karakumidai to borrow, you can always order equipment.

    BraidersHand will bring our equipment, books, threads, disks and plates.


    Our workshops will be held at the Coupeville Inn, 200 Coveland St., Coupeville Washington, (360) 678-6668. This is a lovely Inn with a great conference room overlooking Penn Cove. It is within walking distance of Front Street, the historic business section of Coupeville. Click here for information on traveling to Coupeville** and here for information on Coupeville.

    The fee for each of these workshops is $235.00. You can help make the workshop fees smaller!!! Our plan is to break even on the workshops. If we can fill both workshops with 20 students each and our students stay in 6 to 10 rooms at the Coupeville Inn then it reduces our cost of the Conference by as much as half and we will pass this savings back to you when you get here. So bring your friends and reserve a room for one or both workshops.

    The Inn offers a complimentary extended continental breakfast and a variety of rooms, an apartment and two small condos, so there are many ways for you to share space with a friend and keep your costs down. All rooms have a refrigerator and there are microwaves that you can use. Please mention that you are coming for a BraidersHand Kumihimo Workshop for a 10% discount on your room.

    First come first served!!! We expect that these workshops will fill quickly. You may secure your spot in a workshop with an e-mail to Janis and a non-refundable payment* of $235.00 (per workshop) payable by check, MC, VISA or PayPal.

    Checks should be made out to: BraidersHand, our address is PO Box 1110, Coupeville WA 98239-1110. If paying by PayPal our account is and if paying by credit card call our toll free number is 866-821-4613.

    *If you must cancel, let us know. Please find a friend to take your place and reimburse you. If you can't find someone please contact us to see if there is a name on the waiting list.

    If we should have to cancel the workshops all fees will be returned.

    It is recommended that if you are flying you should buy a refundable airline tickets in case of workshop cancellations or other unforeseen changes.

    **If you use the Sea-Tac Shuttle, let us know so that we can pick you up at the drop-off point and take you to the Inn.

    Keep an eye on Southwest Airlines, they are offering many discounts and they have "no additional change fees".
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