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Beads and Braids - Janis Saunders

The first two images are just a little smaller than life size. The top sample is rayon knitting ribbon, about 1/16" (2mm) with size 8 beads on each strand (I am not a beader so I don't have a lot of detail or experience with beads.).

The middle sample is 1/4" (6mm) rayon knitting ribbon with size 5 Triangle beads on each strand. Some of the ribbon does show, a dark thread or ribbon would have shown even less.

In both cases the beads are a bit large and fight for space so they don't make a even pattern. If I had used 16 strands rather than 8 for these braids then they would have gotten into line and marched around the braid.

The third braid is life size, it has small seed beads on one thread, the other seven strands are 3/8" (12mm) nylon ribbon. I like to see the contrast between the beads, color and fiber.

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