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Comprehensive Treatise of Braids I: Maru-dai Braids, 3rd Edition, 2014. Color photos of 120 braids and instruction for each. The new edition has more color throughout the book including color coding for setting up the braids. The history section and the English notes on each braid have been re-edited. Imported, in Japanese and English, softcover, 166 pages $54.00

See A Supplementary Translation of Makiko Tada's CTB 1: Marudai Braids with Commentary by Michael Hattori.

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids II: Andean Braids, second edition 2004. Braids from the past, from the Andes and traditional Japanese kumihimo. History of Andean Braids in English.
Imported, mostly Japanese, introduction in English, soft cover, 128 pages, $54.00

If you have the first edition, click here for the English history and here for the errata page in PDF format.


Comprehensive Treatise of Braids III: Taka-dai braids 1, color photos of takadai braids. Clear diagrams of equipment and braiding structures, instruction on 39 single layer braids for sashes, belts, neckties, obijime.

Imported, in Japanese and English, soft cover, 39 diagrams, 148 pages, $54.00

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids IV: Taka-dai braids 2, a continuation of Taka-dai braids 1. Color photos of takadai braids. Instruction on four single layer and 28 double layer braids.

Imported, in Japanese and English, soft cover, 31 diagrams, 154 pages, $54.00

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids V: Taka-dai braids 3, learn how to draft your own double layer braids with pick-up patterns.

Imported, in Japanese and English, soft cover, 67 diagrams, 158 pages, 12 in color, $65.00

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI:
Kumihimo Disk and Plate
. Makiko is the creator of the hand held disk and plate and with this book she shows us how to use these tools to make Japanese and Andean braids as well as new types of braids that she has designed. The book has excellent photos and graphics to make over 30 braids and instruction on how to turn them into sculptural necklaces and brooches. On the cover you can see braids within braids, flat spirals, use of beads and braids that curve and zigzag.
Imported, in Japanese and English, full color, 90 pages, softcover, $42.00.

Errata for the 2007 edition; the diagrams on these pages are correct but the numbering isn't, please click here.

Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VII: Kumihimo Disk and Plate 2. Makiko uses the Kumihimo Disk and Plate, which she developed with the Hamanaka Company, to make colorful innovative braids. Instructions for frilled flat, square and circle braids, spirals and picot braids, edged flat circle spiral braids and braids with multi color-switching techniques. These braids are especially suited for making accessories. Imported, in Japanese and English, full color, 120 pages, softcover.


Kumi HimoThe Essence of Japanese Braiding by Aiko Sakai and Makiko Tada has been translated into English. There are twelve patterns for the marudai, thirty for the Kakudai and twenty for the Ayatakedai. Currently this is the only book in publication that gives instruction for the Kakudai and Ayatakedai.

Soft cover,134 pages, $24.00.

Ayatakedai Braids by Aiko Sakai and Makiko Tada. Makiko is offering this book at a special price! It was printed long ago and she is concerned about the future condition of the books. The copies we have are in excellent condition. The book offers 58 patterns for the advanced ayatakedai braider, the drafts are universal.

Imported, in Japanese, hardcover, 61 pages, 19 color, $50.00

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