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Braids, Bands, & Beyond: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Braiding edited by Robyn Spady. If you didn't go to the Braids 2016 conference this is the next best thing! This book has 37 articles by 30 authors, subjects cover Kumihimo, Ply-Splitting, Other Braiding Techniques, Tablet Weaving, Narrow weaving, Lace and Knotting. For details click on the Table of Contents .

Soft-cover, full color, 173 pages, $40.00

Threads That Move: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Braiding edited by Shirley Berlin and Ruth MacGregor. This is a wonderful book of articles written by those who taught at Braids 2012 in Manchester, England. Articles on Braids, Kumihimo, Loop Manipulation, Ply splitting, Weaving (including instruction on Andean Tubular Weaving) and Related Techniques (sprang, fingerweaving and lace). Click for the full Table of Contents. Full color, 160 pages, imported. $37.50


200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop, or Weave The first section of the book offers instruction on twisting, knotting, interlooping, weaving, braiding, ply-split darning, beads, finishes and uses. Section two goes into detail with well illustrated braids and bands. No previous experience is necessary as the photos are all in color with excellent clear close-ups of each item along with materials list, step-by-step instructions and clear easy-to-follow color illustrations. In the Introduction the author also explains that "braid" is interpreted differently by different cultures and mentions that this collection offers many methods of making "narrow wares."

Hardbound with concealed wire binding, 5¾" x 7¾", 256 pages; 443 photographs, 30 illustrations, $27.95.

Braids & Beyond: A Broad Look at Narrow Wares by Jacqui Carey. This very interesting book was published to go with the Braids & Beyond Exhibition in England in 2003. The exhibition displayed a wide range of uses for braids and other narrow textiles. The book was not intended as a catalog of the exhibition but as a useful introduction to many narrow textiles with excellent clear photographs and diagrams and good instruction. Subjects covered are; Braids, Twisting, Knotting, French Knitting, Lucet, Weaving, Tablet or Card Weaving, Kumihimo or Bobbin braiding, Loop Manipulation, Sprang and Ply-Split.
Soft cover, 56 pages $19.95

Sling Braiding of the Andes by Adele Cahlander. The author, with the help of Elayne Zorn and Anne Pollard Rowe, analyzes the 4-sided braiding techniques used for herding and ceremonial slings in the Pre-Columbian Andes, which remained a mystery to contemporary textiles scholars until the late 1970's. This book presents a classification system of braiding techniques and gives the steps for making hand-held braids with clear photos and drawings.
Soft cover, $20.00

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part I: Orthodox and unorthodox exchanging of loops in co-operation

Find and friend and braid! This monograph deals exclusively with the technique of exchanging loops between two braiders.

Contents are as follows: Section 1: The techniques of exchanging by Noémi Speiser, Technical glossary and conventions, Sources and the Main text. Section 2: Unorthodox exchanging in loop braiding by Joy Boutrup, Introduction and definition, Interpretation of the instructions, Recipes with unorthodox exchanges, Braids with unorthodox passages and unorthodox exchange, Braids with orthodox passages in connections with unorthodox exchange, Conclusion, Bibliography, Appendix.

Imported, black and white and color photos, 40 pages. $25.00

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results; by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part II: Instructions for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts

Who needs the Internet, send Letter Braids instead! Noémi Speiser pioneered the work in this area and Joy Boutrup offers her solutions to the questions that remained concerning these braids.

Contents are as follows: Instruction for Letter Braids in 17th Century Manuscripts: Preface by Noémi Speiser, Introduction, Letter braids, Types of Instructions, Verbal Instructions, Instruction in charts, Charts in the Nun's Book, Conclusion; A purse with a letter braid; Braids on a purse in the Bavarian National Museum; Bibliography. Appendix: Texts for letter braids, Braiding procedures for the verbal instructions, Braiding procedures for 14 loops, Braiding procedures for the charts in the Nun's Book.

Imported, black and white and color photos, 64 pages. $33.00

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part III: Loop Braiding in Swedish Bridgettine Tradition

The loop-braiding referred to in this book are in all probablility from the Bridgettine Convent in Vadstena, Sweden, which was instituted in 1384. Four or more nuns were tasked with keeping the convent church in textiles and around 40 of them have been preserved, all are liturgical.

Contents are as follows: Section 1: Braids in Bridgettine tradtion, Bridgettine Textile, Spranged Work, The Decoration and Function of Braids; Section 2: Observations and Analysis, Combining Metal with Silk, Sewing Stitches on the Braids, Preparing the Loops; Section 3: Commented list of Braids; Section 4. Loop-manipulation as a lace technique, The Catherine Wheel, The Dragon Braid, Lady Ann Clifford's Lace, A Lace Insertion on Two English Copes, Lace Maskell, The Lace Insertion on the Sudary in Uppsala Cathedral, Comparing with Bobbin-Lace; Bibliography, Sources and Credits.

Imported, color photos, 56 pages. $30.00

European Loop Braiding: Investigations and Results by Noémi Speiser, Joy Boutrup and others; Part IV: Track Plans as a Tool for Analysis; Applications of Loop -Manipulation Braids

Contents are as follows: Track-plans as a tool for analysis. Concept of Track plans; 2. From orthodox to unorthodox passages; 3. Counting the Floats; 4. The Six-loop unorthodox braid; 5. Comparing two unorthodox braids; 6. Four-loop orthodox and unorthodox braids; 7. Double tubular braid; 8. A special tubular braid; 9. A braid from the 14th Century; 10. Horse rein; 11. Tubular strong with a core.

Application of loop-manipulation braids. 12. Braided Carrying Straps; 13. St Gallen purse; 14. Muenster purse; 15. German purse; 16. Hawk's hoods; 17. Small objects; 18. Medieval braids sewn together; 19. Overview of Applications; 20. Braids in Italy.

Bibliography, Sources and Credits.

Imported, color photos, 56 pages. $30.00

Loop-manipulation Braiding by Noémi Speiser. From the Preface, "By concentrating on basic but essential knowledge, and leading the reader stage by stage, we hope that readers will gain confidence and understanding to continue their explorations of braids with Noémi Speiser's specialist books..."
28 pages, $12.95.

Tak V Bowes Departed - A 15th Century Braiding Manual Examined by Elizabeth Benns and Gina Barrett is no longer in print.

There is an Errata for those who wish to update their copy.

A Manual of Fingerweaving by Robert J. Austin covers Native American dance regalia braids. The Assomption sash braid is included as well as braids with beads outlining the lightning patterns.
Imported, 56 pages, softcover, $12.95

Sprang Unsprung an Illustrated Guide to Interlinking, Interlacing and Intertwining by Carol James. Sprang is another form of braiding and this book is a step-by-step manual. It is well illustrated and introduces the reader to two ways of making sprang; free-end interlinking and the classic sprang techniques including interlacing and intertwining. Beginners and practitioners at all levels will find James' richly-illustrated user-friendly style of presentation a welcome addition to the literature on the textile arts. Full color, 80 pages, softcover, $24.95

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