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How to Make Ply-Split Braids & Bands by Linda Hendrickson. Here is a great book for self study. Linda designed funtional bands on key rings, each starting with a loop. The book is organized by structure with the easiest of the 25 braids at the beginning of the book, the 3 bands are at the end. Those new to ply-splitting may wish to start at the beginning although a braider can start anywhere in the book. There are 500 photos and 222 pages in this comb bound softcover book. $33.00

Exploring Sculpture in Plain Oblique Twining by David W. Fraser. This beautiful book illustrates the versatility of plain oblique twining, a version of ply-split braiding particularly well-suited for the art of basketry and making three-dimensional sculpture. This guide to one artist’s creative process shows how a ply-split braided basket is shaped, based on the rate and location of adding and removing cords. Chapters include creating fenestrations, substituting cords, combining baskets, crossing planes, and harnessing the tension between right triangles when the hypotenuse of one aligns with the leg of another. See how these techniques are rendered in a gallery of beautiful finished work. Color, soft cover, 144 pages. $24.99


How to Make Ply-Split Baskets by Linda Hendrickson
Step-by-step instructions for 12 baskets says it all. Chapters cover Tools and Techniques, Terminology and the 12 baskets. There are 400 black & white photos, 180 pages, in a soft cover comb-bound book, self-published. $33.00

Great Scot: A Beginners Guide to Ply-Split Braiding by Linda Hendrickson. This little book covers cordmaking basics, decorative cords, several cord shapes and three projects. It is an excellent introduction to Single-Course Oblique Twining (SCOT) ply-splitting.
Self-published, black and white, 28 pages, softcover, $8.00

Ply-Split Garlic Basket
with Linda Hendrickson. Linda takes you into her Portland Oregon studio for a lesson ply-split basketry. She shows two traditional goat-hair camel girths, and then leads you step-by step through the process of making her ply-split garlic basket; written instructions are included and have instruction for the garlic basket in three sizes. You will learn how to use a gripfid with a commercially-made 3-ply paper cord called Danish cord and how to create the ply-split structures SCOT (single-course oblique twining) and POT (plain oblique twining). When you finish, you will have a lovely basket for your garlic, or whatever else you might want to put inside!
47-minute DVD $20.00


Ply-Split Braiding: An Introduction to Designs in Single Course Twining by Julie Hedges. From the back cover, "Clear step-by-step instructions, together with excellent colour illustrations, make this book a user-friendly introduction to the craft of ply-split braiding."
Imported, Softcover, $33.00

Ply-Split Braiding: Further Techniques by Julie Hedges offers instruction in advanced techniques; Plysplit darning, Single Course Oblique Twining, Plain Oblique Twining and Ply-Split Hexagons. The book is full of excellent color photos and diagrams illustrating the techniques and braids; a very inspiring book. Full color, softcover, spiral bound, 80 pages, Imported. $42.00

Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions - An Introduction to making Vessels and Sculptural Forms by Julie Hedges. Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions - An Introduction to making Vessels and Sculptural forms by Julie Hedges. Learn to make triaxial, square, pentagonal and hexagonal bases to make vessels and cylinders. Other methods are used to produce several natural forms in the shapes of leaves, flower and seed heads. A wonderfully creative book! Full color, 64 pages, color diagrams, spiral bound, imported. $42.00

Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns by Barbara J. Walker. For the first time two ancient fiber techniques, ply-splitting and weaving, are brought together. This book is intended for experienced ply-splitters who are seeking new ways to enjoy this fiber art form. Easy-to-follow instructions and photographs guide you through the method of using weaving drawdowns for ply-splitting diagrams. Selected weave structures are interpreted, new finishing techniques are described, and gallery pieces inspire you to develop your own creations. Color and black and white photos, black and white diagrams, 49 pages, wire-o binding, $34.00

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