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Oblique Plain Weave Braiding in Two Colors by Leigh Morris. This monograph gives detailed instructions on the takadai using Leigh's own methodology, it is a study of color and weave effect (like the bookmarks on this web site) in plain weave. The braid drafts are accompanied by black and white photos and there is room at the back for your own designs. There are 47 braiding drafts.
Softcover, 24 pages. $12.00

Oblique 2/2 Twill Braids in Two Colors by Leigh Morris. In this monograph Leigh Morris shares his study of color and weave effect for 2/2 twill weave using his methodology and including 58 drafts. Lots of black and white photographs and room for your own designs.
Softcover, 24 pages. $12.00


A Monograph on Bobbin Switching in Two Colours by Leigh Morris. Bobbin switching refers to supplementary bobbin movements in addition to the normal braiding movements. In this case referring to plain weave braids. These supplementary movements enable a huge range of new patterns, pattern changes, patterns within patterns and continually evolving/changing patterns.
Softcover, 32 pages. $12.00

A Chameleon Braid by Leigh Morris. The kongoh braid also well known as the spiral braid has many faces and Leigh Morris offers over 56 samples written for the marudai many of these patterns can be used on the disk. He explores the spiral braid with 8 to 32 ends, changing direction, texture braids, core braids, changing the shape of braids as well as the number of working ends.

Imported, soft cover, color and black and white, 42 pages, $12.00

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