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The Book of Braids: A New Approach to Creating Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey. In her introduction Jacqui Carey says that a total beginner would be able to use this book but rather than repeat information she has assumed the reader has a basic knowledge of kumihimo. She introduces a form of shorthand notation as an aide to memorizing moves and simplifies documentation especially when using many tama. The braider can see the basic moves required with a glance. A series of color illustrations show how color and various sizes of thread can affect the braid. She goes on to discuss the basic moves and how to expand braids, how to combine moves from different structures, mixing materials, equipment and how to use braids. Imported, full color, 128 pages, softcover. $45.00

Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo (Previously issued as Beginners Guide to Braiding: The Craft of Kumihimo which is no longer in print.) A great beginners book for the marudai covering materials and equipment, square, round, flat, honeycomb, and hollow braids all for eight end braids. Excellent color photos and written instruction that includes use of traditional kumihimo threads and textured yarns. Jacqui Carey always offers timeless color and design suggestions.

Imported, hardback with a enclosed spiral binding, full color, 64 pages, $21.95.


Creative Kumihimo An excellent book when you are ready to design your own braids and looking for creative ideas. Chapters cover equipment, technique, designing, expanding the number of bobbins, finishing techniques and over fifty braids from four to sixteen bobbins.

Soft cover, full color, 100 pages, $39.95

Beads and Braids Add beads to your braids during braiding or sew them on later. Chapters cover Equipment, Materials, Working methods, Braiding sequinces, Beading after, before and during braiding and finishing up with Ends and joins. Excellent creative braids with beautiful photos.

Soft cover, full color, 193 pages, $49.95.


Chinese Braid Embroidery
This is a very well written book about the history and current state of Chinese braiding today and the use of these braids to decorate clothing, hence the "embroidery" in the title. It offers excellent instruction on braiding, with graphics, photos, written instruction and a written summary of each braid structure. The same attention to detail has been used in the embroidery section of the book. There are many photos of braiding stands, bobbins, braids, clothing and embroidery. Click here to see short video of a Chinese braider. Imported, full color, 128 pages, softcover, $44.95

Braids & Beyond: A Broad Look at Narrow Wares by Jacqui Carey. This very interesting book was published to go with the Braids & Beyond Exhibition in England in 2003. The exhibition displayed a wide range of uses for braids and other narrow textiles. The book was not intended as a catalog of the exhibition but as a useful introduction to many narrow textiles with excellent clear photographs and diagrams and good instruction. Subjects covered are; Braids, Twisting, Knotting, French Knitting, Lucet, Weaving, Tablet or Card Weaving, Kumihimo or Bobbin braiding, Loop Manipulation, Sprang and Ply-Split.
Soft cover, 56 pages $19.95

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