BraidersHand, makers of marudai, takadai, ayatakadai and tama.
Makers of quality hard maple Japanese kumihimo stands, which easily break down for transport or storage. We also make our own tama and offer our customers books, jewelry clasps, video/DVD, kumihimo disks and plates, kumihimo silk and metallic threads for kumihimo braiding. We also offer books on other forms of braiding.

Bookmarks made on the takadai using 60/2 silk.


  • Currently there is a short wait time of a week or two for our Marudai.

  • New books including Andean Sling Braids: New Designs for Textile Artists by Rodrick Owen and Terry Newhouse Flynn. The book's new publishing date has been pushed back to August, 2016. You can pre-order it on our Shopping Cart.

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  • Our equipment is built in our workshop in Washington state, USA.

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Kumi (to plait) + Himo (string or cord) = Kumihimo, plaited cords, braids
Kumihimo is pronounced, koo-me-he-mo.
Kara (Chinese) + Kumi (braid) + Dai (a stand) = Karakumidai, Chinese braid stand
Taka (high) + Dai (a stand) = Takadai, high braiding stand
Maru (round) + Dai (a stand) = Marudai, round braiding stand
Ayatake (wooden) + dai (a stand) = Ayatakedai, wooden stand
Tama = bobbins
Kumihimo Disk and Plate = a dense foam tool for beginners and a quick sampling tool for experienced braiders

There is a waiting list of over 18 months for our large equipment; takadai, ayatakedai, kakudai and karakumidai. Marudai are shipped within two weeks.
There is no obligation to get on our list.

Core Stand/Core Frame Rodrick Owen's book on Andean core braids will be available in May 2016; more information here. The core stand/core frame has been designed to facilitate making beautiful Andean core braids. We will try to provide core stands/core frames more quickly than the other large equipment.
Contact us to see how long the wait will be.

Elegant braids with twisted elements are worked upwards on the
Kakudai (caw-koo-dye) pulled by an overhead pulley system.

Karakumidai is a small braiding stand that produces twined braids made up of diamond and half diamond shapes. Braiders find it fascinating to watch the colorful diamond shapes take form as the braid grows.

Standard Takadai and Extended Takadai Obliquely interlaced braids, usually flat are made on the takadai. One layer braids, two layers, sculptural and pick-up braids may be made on this stand. The Extended Takadai offers wider widths.

Tama are wooden bobbins which are lead filled with both ends sealed;
they come in two sizes and many weights.

The Marudai makes a round, square, hollow, or flat braid.
We offer two diameter mirrors (tops), 25cm (10") and 30cm (12").
Counter Weight Bags and Instruction for braiding drawstrings.

The Ayatakedai makes warp twined bands. We offer a stand alone ayatakedai and a unit that can be added to your BraidersHand takadai.

Publications A select group of braiding publications from around the world; monographs, books, video, DVD and software covering kumihimo and other braids.

Our Kumihimo Disk and Plate are the original Hamanaka product designed by Makiko Tada and made in Japan. We offer kits, English instructions and books. We carry two sizes of EZ Bobs for use with the Kumihimo Disk and Plate, they are made in the USA.

Japanese Threads and Bamboo Yarn; two lines of Japanese kumihimo silk, 120 colors. Our synthetic thread, Imposter, has 67 colors and we have 15 metallic colors. Our Bamboo rayon yarn makes great braids and comes in 28 colors.

Jewelry Findings Turn your braids into necklaces and bracelets with our gold and silver color end caps from Japan.

Our Warping Pegs and your C-clamps make measuring out braiding warps very simple.

A brief Kumihimo Gallery. Weavershand; click on Kumihimo when you get there to view Japanese braiders on video, peruse braiders websites and enjoy the Galleries.